"Education Through Sport" 


Here are answers to some common questions we get asked

What is the difference between Rep Program & House League?
The Rep Program consists of 2 practices or games per week and about 4-5 weekend tournaments between October to May (depending on your age category) while House League is one session that lasts 2 hours on Saturdays. The Rep Program demands more time of the student athlete, and the parents’ as well. 

Playing time at the Rep level (except for Novice, Atom & Major Atom divisions) is dependent on several factors (closeness of the score, disciplinary action and a player must earn the right to play by coming to practice) which will be determined by the coaches. While in House League there is equal playing time.

What kind of organization is MUMBA? 

MUMBA is a not-for-profit organization. 

What does MUMBA stand for? 

Markham Unionville Minor Basketball Association 

What does my registration fee include for the House League program?

The fee will cover all expenses for the gym, referees, uniform, ball & medals. 

Will I be asked to pay more money? 

If your son or daughter is in House League, then you will NOT be required to pay more money. If your son or daughter makes a Rep team, then there will be additional costs for hotels and meals when the team travels, as well as any additional activities that are outside of the teams’ budget.

How can I register my child for a program? 

You can register online for the House League program and Summer Programs. The Rep teams are selected on a tryout basis and registration occurs after the teams are selected.

Why do I need to supply an e-mail address?

We have found that e-mail is the quickest, most efficient way to contact the parents, players, coaches and members of MUMBA. 

Can I make requests for my son/daughter and their friend to play together in House League? 

Provided that it doesn’t make any team too strong, we will allow players to play together on a case-by-case basis.

Can my son/daughter play both for a Rep team & in House League? 

No, Rep teams participate in tournaments on the weekends and it will overlap with House League causing the House League teams to be short players creating off balance situations.  

When does the season start? 

Historically, the House League program begins in the middle of October. Tryouts for the Rep program are scheduled in early September and will be posted on our website.

What is the maximum players on each House League team?

To provide equal playing time with a minimum of 50% court time, we try to keep the number of players on a team to 10. 

When does House League take place? 

House League practices & games are on Saturday. 

When does the Rep Program take place? 

All Rep teams’ practices occur on week nights.   If a coach books an exhibition game they will occur either during their scheduled practice time or on a weekend when they do not have a scheduled tournament.  All tournaments occur on the weekends.

How do players tryout for Rep teams?

You may verify the date, time and location of all tryouts under the “Tryouts” tab, within “REP PROGRAMS” in the toolbar.

Where will my child be playing? 

Schedules will be provided to you by your coach and are also available on our website. We primarily utilize gyms in Markham, Unionville, Thornhill and Stouffville. 

Is there any fee required for players to pay to tryout for Rep teams? 

MUMBA does NOT charge any fee for players wishing to tryout for any Rep team.

Are the coaches qualified? 

Many of our coaches have been coaching for many years and also have a variety of different coaching level certificates through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Coaches Association of Canada (CAC). 

Do the coaches have police checks? 

Yes MUMBA has each coach and volunteer complete a police check. 

Are there any other volunteer positions other than coaching? 

MUMBA is always looking for great volunteers to join our team.  Some of the positions we have include: Scorekeeper, Convenor, Statistician, Team Manager and Referee.  We are also looking for individuals with unique talents who can help with other projects such as social media and news letter compilations. 

How do I become a volunteer? 

Fill out the form on the
volunteer page or contact us by email